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"If it is important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse!!"



Trainer Fletch

Trainer Fletch has been active playing sports all of his life. Being raised in a family full of boys sports became a natural part of his life. Athletics introduced him to the importance of training the body properly, at an early age.  After graduating from college with a degree in Social Work, Fletch decided his passion was in health and fitness and became a personal trainer.


"I have been able to travel and see some of the world due to being involved in sports. My goal, as a personal trainer is to motivate, inspire and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle."


"In my opinion, health and fitness is more than just your appearance; exercising makes us feel better, gives us more self confidence and allows us to live healthier life styles. I feel that, with patience and persistence, anyone can achieve realistic goals. Including but not limited to high self-esteem and more self confidence in being able to look at yourself and being happy in your own skin."


Trainer Fletch strives to create a personal relationship with all of his clients which fosters an environment of  encouragement, growth in self confidence, motivation and strength while assisting individuals in reaching their health and fitness goals.

With personal training it is 100% all about you. We want to know what motivates you -  what makes you fired up and what turns you off, when it comes to training and getting yourself on the right track to being a healthier you. Whatever your goals are. you will receive the right program to assist you to reach your goal/goals and beyond.


At Temple Wellness Clubs, we are focused on providing specific training services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations as you work towards accomplishing your health goals. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us.

Group Exercise Certification

 Personal Fitness Certification      
CPR, First Aid, AED

Temple Wellness Clubs

At Temple Wellness Clubs we promote personal satisfaction, inspire maximum participation, and promote healthy lifestyles. We believe that everyone should reach to achieve their greatest potential, creating wellness and optimal health. We offer wellness programs, to not only promote a health lifestyle, but to foster a sense of well-being in all areas of life. We believe the body is a TEMPLE given as a gift by God, and therefore it should be a testimony of the best that we can offer to Him.




Each session is specifically designed with the client in mind. Trainer Fletch will begin with an initial assessment. This allows him to see where you are, hear your goals, and set a personalized workout plan to get you results on your journey to health. Plans range from individual sessions to bootcamps and small groups. 

 All packages are sold and set up with consideration of each client's goals, present fitness level, age, health, skills level, interest and convenience **

All packages must be used within 30 days of purchase. There will be no carry over, from sessions missed, or make up sessions. Payments will be Bi-Weekly or Monthly. No packages can be combined.

Stay engaged in social media pages for special events.



**Assessment fee will be applied to package,

if purchased at the end of assessment appointment

Individual Packages


60 minutes​

G: 4 sessions a month $200.00

O: 6 sessions a month $300.00

A: 8 sessions a month $400.00

  L: 12 sessions a month $600.00


30 minutes

G: 4 sessions a month $160.00

O: 6 sessions a month $240.00

A: 8 sessions a month $320.00

L:12 sessions a month $480.00




(18 and under)

45-60 minutes

G: 4 sessions a month $140.00
O: 6 sessions a month  $210.00

A: 8 sessions a month $280.00

L:12 sessions a month $420.00

-----Tandem Options (groups of 2)-----

60 minutes

T: 6 sessions a month $300.00

W: 8 sessions a month $400.00

C: 12 sessions a month $600.00

-----Special Discount-----

Share with your family/friends and if anyone signs up for a package, you'll receive a 10% discount for your next package purchased. Your name must be provided at time of purchase.

Woman Boxing



"I can get the push I need. He (Trainer Fletch) makes it tough but fun. He definitely will get you where you want to be, and you will have a friend, trainer, counselor all in one...GREAT TRAINER."

Hadassah Henry

"The thing I like is the one on one attention provided during each session. At each session, I leave feeling like I have truly worked out. Trainer Fletch is very passionate about helping you get results. You will sweat and get a good workout. You get what you pay for and then some."

Sharon Byrd

"I like the challange and diversity of workouts. I never know what I'll be doing; its different every time. Its worth it and be prepared tow ork hard. Trainer Fletch is very reasonable when it comes to cost also...lot less than a trainer at the gym."

Deidra Conway

Trainer Fletch


2505 Old Monroe Rd

Matthews, NC 28104

Tel: (704) 302-5662

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We hope that you can find everything that you need and are looking for. Temple Wellness Clubs is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. Everything that can be done for you, that will meet your expectations and beyond, will be done in order to assist you with reaching your health goals.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, you'll be happy working with the company. Look around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!.

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